The largest of filtering giants, a delicacy to “sit” and admire
Dive close to one of the most potentially dangerous shark, being respectful (not feeding) and simply leave bubble expressions
Not a sword, not a spade, but a skilled fencer hunting for fast baitfish and lighting up its incredible colorful sail at the highest speed ever.

CancunXtremTrip. is a local service providers platform, proud to manage an strict eco-friendly policy. We develop sustainable alternate tourism leading to contribute to environmental conservation & education.

Your Xtreme Fun is our priority

We ensure you will feel adrenaline running through your veins, our trips have been designed to maximize fun, service quality and safety. We will get close with wild creatures in its own environment, challenge yourself to participate in a completely different way to interact by watching while helping to protect them.

Avoiding extreme noise, and environmental negative impacts as pollution or destruction. The main priority would be flora and fauna preservation, while local communities are benefited. There’s always a different way to do things, which include entertainment activities, as oppose to conventional (and often boring) tourism.

Adventure and Ecotourism ,are nowadays a different way to explore and experience nature.

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We have been doing Xtreme trips and supporting research for a long time. We ensure an Xtreme Fun, Ecofriendly, and knowledge trip!!!

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We manage an strict ecofriendly policy

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