Cancun Xtreme Trip
Our Marine Biology background, participating on several research and conservation studies, lead our commitment to respect nature, therefore our aquatic trips are totally coherent and responsible with the Marine Ecosystem.

The Boat Grampus, is a Delta 27’ Flybridge Sportfisher Diesel 210 Hp, a clasic model from 1977!!!

Just as everything made the old way this boat is Xtremely Fun and Xtremely Solid.
Full electronics, Owner-captain.
Up to 8 people comfortably seated, canvas, two fishing chairs, and plenty of room.
Swing platform allows getting in and out of the water easily.

We started back in 1988 as “Grampus Fishing and Diving”, a small tour company owner operated, devoted mostly to Scuba diving and sport fishing.
Now we go beyond on Xtreme sea activities! While the company is still small and family based.

The Heads of the TEAM

To Ensure an Xtreme Quality Trip at least one of us will join your tour.

Rafael de la Parra Venegas
Mexican marine biologist, top researcher on Marine Mammals and Whale Sharks, Touristic operator since 1988: sport fishing (tag and release of billfish), sport Scuba diver instructor, trainer and workshop coordinator on coral reefs, mangrove, manatee, crocodile and coastal lagoon topics. Attended participation on Symposia, Conferences, Congresses in Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Panama, United States, Cuba and Mexico. Published works on coral reefs, coastal lagoon, marine mammals and whale sharks., created with elder son Luis de la Parra and wife.


Beatriz Eugenia Galvan Pastoriza
Mexican marine biologist, researcher on Whale Sharks and Marine Mammals since 2006. Utila (Honduras)-Mexican Caribbean connection expert. Scuba diver instructor. Whale shark guide and assistant captain since 2007. Presented papers on international workshops and symposia, on Marine Plankton, coastal lagoons, coral reefs, marine mammals and whale sharks. Former Oceanography teacher at UAM-I, now a modest art teacher (embossing arts).
Mother of three (one plus twins!), none of them devoted to marine biology, but all of them assisting in guiding, touring, boat driving and research!


Luis de la Parra Galvan
Captain Asistant-Web Manager
Mexican Architect, dive master, MPA guide, assistant captain, entrepreneur. This young man has been scuba diving, fishing his whole life, and actively helping Rafael’s investigation since the beginning. He developed the web site and he currently manages the site, visits and posible clients from above. Even thought every time he is back in Cancun with the familly he helps any way he can.


Eugenio de la Parra
Xtreme Trip Guide
Since he born under Aquarius, he enjoys aquatic activities, since his scuba trainment began during their early elementary years. He drives the boat and is prepared as special aquatic nature guide, and becoming a skilled photographer. Among his hobbies is Scuba among Bullsharks and visit uncharted diving sites. He has played American Football for over 10 years, and love to play guitar-ukulele and sing. He speaks fluid english and studied french as well.


Emilio de la Parra
Xtreme Trip Guide
Twin brother of Eugenio obviously another Aquarian, drama actor, singer, guitar and ukulele player, he also enjoys snorkeling and Scuba diving. He is a natural aquatic guide, enjoying underwater photography, looking for the best and unique angles. He is always challenging himself to top task and dedication. Oustanding Architecture college student. He also speaks fluid english and studied french as well.


Participation on several game fish tournaments, 3rd general at 2003 Puerto Morelos fishing tournament after catching the biggest Sailfish.
Prospective assistance on the creation of Cancun National Marine Park.
Tender boat and diver on the fiber optics telephone cables installation in Cancún and Isla Mujeres.
Boat and diver assistance for numerous marine life documentaries including BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, NHK Japan and several Mexican TV networks.
Research leaders on Whale Sharks, Mantas, Marine Mammals and Sailfish.